art journal: new journal, new process

For as long as I’ve been an artist I’ve never finished an art journal. Or sketchbook for that matter. I can be quite fickle and in the past had the urge (and lack of will to refrain) to buy ALL THE JOURNALS! Now, the urge is still there but my desire to use what I have is stronger (at the moment.)

With sketchbooks, I would use one for a while and then find a cute new one. Then months–or years later I would pick it up and feel weird about using it again. Like that journal belonged to ‘past me’ and I felt like I was violating her privacy. It’s totally normal to talk about yourself in third person right?? Continue reading


art journal: journal52 ‘fashion’

Week 29 of Journal52 is ‘fashion.’ I used to love fashion and putting outfits together, but lately I think I’ve lost my ‘style.’ I don’t really know what I like any more. My closet is full of a lot of jeans and t-shirts, which isn’t bad; it’s just boring sometimes. I’m not sure what I would even buy though because my most common attire is ‘paint clothes…’ I’m having a bit of a clothing identity crisis. As you might be able to tell by now, this prompt got me thinking a lot deeper than I think it was meant to and kind of put me off.

Generally when I’m feeling stuck with a prompt I start with collage. I glued a purse, necklace, ring and dress onto the blank spread. Then I left that for 3 days.

When I came back to it I covered the whole spread with one coat of white gesso. Then I took my favorite art thing at the moment, the Dr. Ph. Martin’s watercolors, and splashed them all over the place.

**For anyone that’s not familiar, they are liquid watercolors that come in a bottle with a dropper. They have such a vibrant clean pigment. I totally recommend trying them! Maybe I’ll do a favorite supply list soon. (BTW I’m totally not affiliated with them but I wish I was, wink wink) **

journal_wk_29At this point I had lost all the collage underneath so I added black India ink to bring out the shapes. I like the grungy feel that it ended up with. If pink and blue and purple can be grungy…

Happy arting!!


PS Yesterday I was in the explore feature of Instagram and found a lot of new amazing artists! If you have an Instagram (or blog) that you’d like to share please put it down in the comments! I love interacting with other creative people! (You can find me @kenziewoodsart.)



ICAD July 13-19 2014

Here’s week seven of ICAD! A little late, but better than never!
ICAD_43 ICAD_44ICAD_45ICAD_49 ICAD_48 ICAD_47 ICAD_46All of my cards up until now were 4inx6in but these last four are 3inx5in. It’s interesting how much of a difference the smaller size makes. I’m going to keep experimenting with the smaller cards for the rest of the challenge. I was so used to working large-scale that initially the 3x5in scared me a little. Now it’s time to go smaller!

Who knows I might end up doing ‘inchies.’

I hope everyone is having a beautiful week so far!

Happy arting!